Thoele pledges to serve Minnetrista with fairness

letters_iconTo the Editor:

I have been a resident of Minnetrista for 20 years and a resident of Lake Minnetonka area communities for 33 years. Additionally, I have worked in Excelsior for 33 years and have had dealings with City Councils and Planning Commissions in Excelsior, Deephaven and Minnetrista. I am extremely disappointed in the drama and denials of the present Council leadership in Minnetrista. It has resulted in the resignation of a long-time, faithful and dedicated public servant in Mayor Fischer and in the termination of healthy and collaborative relationships with other city personnel and contractors. The allegations and suspicions of cronyism are deeply disturbing and, if true, have no place in our local politics. The attitude towards those who disagree with those presently serving is condescending and dismissive, attitudes often found in people who do not handle authority well.

I write in support of Patricia Thoele for Minnetrista City Council. Patricia is my next door neighbor and has in recent years been chosen to serve on our Minnetrista Planning Commission. She has been a business owner, community and church volunteer. Patricia is honest, principled, dedicated and eager to serve our community with the transparency and collegiality local politics demands. She represents no special interests or interest groups, and has maintained simply a desire to serve all residents fairly and well. I encourage all residents of Minnetrista to consider voting for those who show a capacity for serving the entire community. Patricia Thoele has my vote.

David Olson