Teaching teens how to be safe, financially smart behind the wheel

Allstate insurance agent Fred Sherman of Maple Plain stands with some students that he recently taught about driving safety. (Submitted photo)
Allstate insurance agent Fred Sherman of Maple Plain stands with some students that he recently taught about driving safety. (Submitted photo)


Every year, more than 13,000 Minnesota teenagers are involved in an automobile accident. While the majority of these incidents are minor fender-benders, several dozen resulted in fatalities. Teaching young drivers the importance of practicing safe driving skills on the road is a priority.

Allstate Insurance and BestPrep are bringing this message to high school classrooms around the state through a series of presentations designed to teach students that while safety is paramount, there are also financial ramifications of practicing safe driving skills.

“Many students don’t realize the economic benefits of driving safely and earning good grades,” said Maple Plain’s Fred Sherman, President of Sherman Insurance Group, Allstate.

On Dec. 10, Sherman visited three classes at Integrated Arts Academy in Chaska to make a presentation and talk with students about the importance of driver safety and for teenagers to understand the financial impact of driving decisions. The presentation is entitled Insurance Matters and focuses on talking with teens about the 100 Deadliest Days – from prom to Labor Day – when teen fatalities due to car accidents peak. Agents aim to teach teens how to save lives – and money – through save driving.

“Anything we can do as agents to improve the safety of teen driving, we must do,” said Sherman, who met nearly 60 students during his visit. “Being able to reach students with the Insurance Matters presentation helps students focus on the critical responsibility they have when they get behind the wheel.”

The Insurance Matters presentation is a part of BestPrep’s Financial Matters program, a curriculum that equips students with the tools necessary to become financially literate and develop sound money management skills. Following their experience with the Insurance Matters presentation, students can identify the factors that raise and/or lower insurance premiums as well as the major causes of teen accidents.

BestPrep has worked with Allstate for more than 20 years to provide experiences for students that address the social and economic impact of teen driving. The Insurance Matters was created through collaboration from the Allstate Foundation, BestPrep, the Minnesota Department of Traffic Safety, Minnesota educators, and students involved with Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD).

BestPrep’s mission and programs are based on the belief that students learn best through active participation in hands-on, experiential activities. BestPrep bridges classroom curriculum and the world of business, enriching the teaching and learning experience for Minnesota students and educators.

For more information about the Insurance Matters presentation or other BestPrep programs, contact Allie Klynderud at (763) 233-6331 or [email protected]