Letter to the editor: Ray McCoy and Steve Grotting for Independence council

letters_iconTo the editor:

I am pleased to support the candidacy of Ray McCoy and Steve Grotting for the Independence (MN) City Council.

I have known Ray McCoy for many years and observed his demeanor and organizing ability while he was the very successful Chief of the West Hennepin Public Safety Department, building one of the finest community police departments in the entire state. McCoy was highly regarded by other chiefs and public safety administrators. I frequently sat in meetings where the former chief provided information and made reports to the public. He is the kind of man we’d be proud to have governing the interests of our community. He has been a resident of the community for a long, long time. I urge all residents of Independence to support him.

I have never met Mr. Grotting, but I know plenty of people who have, and I have read a great deal about this very successful resident of our community. He is a graduate of Edina High School and has degrees in both landscape architecture and international business. He has worked in business and residential real estate for over two decades and has been a member of the Board of Realtors since 1994. Friends of mine tell me he is an extraordinary family man and is very involved in volunteering in our community and area.

Please support these two very kind and eager gentlemen in this year’s city council election in Independence.

– Charles H. Leck

Editor’s note: Independent claims about candidates running for office are not verified by Pioneer staff.