‘Hockey Moms’ debuts


Local man is the co-executive producer for TV show, airing now

“Hockey Moms,” a documentary/reality series focused on four hockey moms from the region, premiered Dec. 26 on 45TV in the Twin Cities area.

The show is produced by McCally-Lee Entertainment, including co-executive producer Randy Lee, a longtime resident of the Mound area. He has been 1-L&P HM logoCMYKvery involved in the area, particularly with Westonka Schools.

Lee and his partner, John McCally, took McCally’s long-time dream of producing TV shows and put that into action with McCally-Lee Entertainment. Their latest show, “Hockey Moms,” is now airing and creating a buzz.

“We’re very pleased with how the premiere came out,” Lee said. “We had a lot of press coverage.”

“We had great reaction to the episode,” he added.

Since they don’t have the feedback of viewership numbers at this point, McCally and Lee are watching comments on Facebook and checking in with friends and family, who have responded positively.

“People were asking lots of questions,” Lee said. “Viewers are engaged.”

“Hockey Moms” follows the lives of four regional hockey moms, including Gwen Marty from Stillwater, Shontel Parnell from Cambridge, Angie Goren from Rosemount and Shay Chamberlain from Menomonie, Wisconsin.

Marty is a single mom working five jobs to pay for her son’s involvement in hockey and her daughter’s participation in dance. Parnell has six kids, five of which play hockey, and her husband coaches a high school JV team. Goren has a love/hate relationship with the sport, is married to a former pro hockey player and has two sons playing hockey at the mite level. Chamberlain is passionate about hockey, but has trouble finding a hockey association for her son to play in.

Filmed as part documentary and part reality show, the series aims to capture and share each women’s story as well as the passions and drama that can come along with youth sports.

“We think people will find Hockey Moms a very fresh alternative to other docuseries that these days seem highly scripted and inauthentic,” McCally said in a press release. “With the relevant family and parenting stories we tell, people will be able to relate to these Hockey Moms, even if they don’t know anything about hockey.”

McCally-Lee Entertainment started filming the show in late September, following casting earlier that month. Filming for the series is still in progress and will likely continue until late February.

“You just don’t know where their stories are going to take you,” Lee said.

According to Lee, having a second season of Hockey Moms is also quite possible.

“It’s new, it’s refreshing,” Lee said. “Just four hockey families on their journey through the youth hockey season.”

“Hockey Moms” isn’t McCally-Lee Entertainment’s first foray into TV. Their show, “The Minnesota Traveler,” airing on FOX Sports North and FOX Sports Wisconsin, is currently in the filming stage for a second season.

In the Twin Cities area, Hockey Moms airs Saturdays through March 5 at 6:30 p.m. on KSTC 45, with second airings of each episode on Mondays at 1 a.m. Outside the Twin Cities, the show airs on KAAL-TV in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa, as well as on MY 9 Sports Network (NBJR) out of Duluth/Superior.

More information is available at www.hockeymom.tv.

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