Letter: Local disappointed by recent events

To the editor:

As a strong supporter of Mound Westonka Schools for over 44 years, I am appalled at three recent events. First, the district’s failure to recognize Martin Luther King by having a “regular” school day. Second, what I think was racist behavior of our students this week at a school event. Third, the ignorance of staff not to recognize this insulting student behavior at the dodgeball tournament. It certainly seems that “we reaped what we failed to sow” by using our priority to educate our students in human respect was overshadowed by the convenience of the calendar as well as lack of relevant staff education. I understand that some students were suspended. Well, I think some administrators/staff should be dealt the same response.

The Mound Westonka junior who spoke out on the matter should be commended for his insight and strength to speak the truth.

This certainly taints the upcoming school bond issue.

Flossie Finnicum