New golf professional joins Burl Oaks

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Josh Luehmann

A new face has joined the staff at Burl Oaks Golf Club in Minnetrista. Josh Luehmann started at Burl Oaks as the new golf professional in the second week in February.

Luehmann grew up in Iowa and went to high school and college there, earning a degree in business management.

For him, involvement in the golf world started early.

“When I was elementary age, my uncle got me started,” Luehmann said.
He played golf some with his family during his elementary and middle school years.

“The interest really didn’t grow until the summer before my freshman year of high school,” Luehmann said. “My dad got relocated with his job, and my parents purchased a house on the local municipal golf course.”

With that course as his backyard, Luehmann’s interest in golf quickly gained traction.

“In the summers, I was playing and practicing at the golf course almost every day and started working there,” he said.

Spending every summer on the golf course in some way continued through college.

“I got started in the golf business right out of college,” he said. “I worked summers in Iowa and winters in southern California.”

Then he made the move out to Columbus, Ohio, and worked as an assistant golf pro and then head golf pro.

In 2013 he made the move to he Twin Cities and worked for a season at Spring Hill in Wayzata and two seasons at Hazeltine National in Chaska. Now, he’s found his way to Burl Oaks.

As he starts off in his position, Luehmann said he is looking forward to seeing how Burl Oaks operates.

“From everything I’ve heard, the culture here is a very laid-back, relaxed culture,” Luehmann said.

“That’s what I’m excited about,” he said. “The opportunity to get to know the members and interact with them and continue to get the Burl Oaks name out to people who are unfamiliar with it.”

While the golf course is currently covered in snow, Luehmann is keeping busy learning and preparing.

“I’m just getting familiar with the operation, getting an understanding of the membership, an understanding of the member tournaments we have and how things are going to flow,” he said.

Stephen Hamilton, clubhouse manager, explained that Burl Oaks’ search for a golf pro began in December.

A search committee made up of 10 members and two staff members conducted 12 phone interviews and three in-person interviews.

“We got the candidate we wanted,” Hamilton said.

“The PGA was very instrumental in helping us with the search process,” he added.

Hamilton said he thought golfers and club members would notice a continued improvement in the course’s outside services through Luehmann’s work.

“He’ll bring professionalism, but he’s not pretentious,” Hamilton said. “We are an unpretentious, comfortable, welcoming club.”

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