Local writes third novel

Long Lake author Midge Bubany pens next work in series

Midge Bubany is releasing her third novel, titled, “Crow Wing Dead,” in early march. (Submitted photo)
Midge Bubany is releasing her third novel, titled, “Crow Wing Dead,” in early march. (Submitted photo)
By Sean Miner
The Pioneer

Fresh off the heels of her second book release last March, Long Lake resident Midge Bubany has penned another novel. Due to release early this March, the new adult fiction book is titled, “Crow Wing Dead.”

Like the two preceding it, this novel follows the story of Deputy Investigator Cal Sheehan. Set like the others in a fictional town west of Brainerd, Minnesota, “Crow Wing Dead” revolves around a childhood friend of Sheehan’s that goes missing.

“This one, I would say, is just a little bit darker than the other two,” said Bubany. “He doesn’t know if it’s a search and rescue, or a kidnapping, a murder, or what.”

On top of the case, changes and developments in Sheehan’s personal life are also important aspects of the story.

“He’s also dealing with a family tragedy that had recently happened,” said Bubany. “He’s got a lot on his plate, as usual.”

Bubany said that, though just a year elapsed between her last two releases, the story for “Crow Wing Dead” has been in development for around three years.

“I had the background for it already completed,” she said. “But this last year is when I intensified the writing for it.”

Her previous novel, “Silver’s Bones,” was nominated for a Minnesota Book Award. With her literary career blossoming, Bubany reported having the sense that readers are becoming familiar with her work.

“I am starting to get people interested in having me come and speak, which has really been fun,” said Bubany. “What I’ve noticed is that I am starting to get people contacting me, rather than me taking the first step.”

Bubany noted two upcoming launches for “Crow Wing Dead.” The first will take place at Excelsior Bay Books on March 19, and the second will be held on April 9 at the Maple Grove Barnes & Noble.

In the meantime, she will be teaching a class through Orono Community Education on March 15. The topic of the class will be getting a book published — both for those interested in writing a book themselves, and those curious about the process.

Bubany reported that she is currently halfway through a fourth installment in the Cal Sheehan saga. A title has yet to surface for that work. She also has a few projects outside of Sheehan’s world.

“One of them is about a woman whose son is accused of bombing his high school,” said Bubany. “The other one is actually geared for young girls…this girl’s parents commit a Ponzi scheme and go on the lam. She’s sent to her grandparents’ farm in central Minnesota, from Beverly Hills, California.”

In each story, crime, said Bubany, plays a role.

“There’s a lot of crime in our world,” she said.

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