Ongoing at OLL: OLL marks 100 days of school

Students at OLL School marked 100 days of school with themed activities. (Submitted photo) Anna Johnson
Students at OLL School marked 100 days of school with themed activities. (Submitted photo)

by Anna Johnson
Grade 5

Last week we celebrated 100 days of school. At the beginning of the day Mrs. Erdman, the kindergarten teacher, put up a chart that said,” I would like 100 … but would not like 100…” The kids in K-­4 wrote what item they would want to have 100 of. The kids in K­-4 also made something out of 100 Legos. They licked a lollipop 100 times to see if they would reach the center. Then they saw how many chews they got before they swallowed a Starburst. The kindergarteners put one­ hundred items on a cape and wore the cape for the whole day. During snack time the first graders counted 100 snack items.

The preschoolers joined in and made “100 Days” hat to wear all day. The second graders dressed up and used walkers and canes like they were one­ hundred years old.

The second grade teacher, Ms. McCann, came up with the idea to have the whole school write on hearts what they like about OLL because it was close to St. Valentine’s Day, and the school theme this year is “Together.” Then the teachers put the hearts in the shape of the number 100 on the main entrance doors. Some examples of what students wrote include “having a church attached to school, “going to Mass all together each week”, and “all the students and teachers know each other by name.”

Celebrating 100 days of school is a fun way to have kids engaged in math and to keep track of how many days we have been in school. Students in second grade need to know how to read, write, and represent whole numbers up to 1,000; counting to 100 is a good review.