Walleye on wheels

The Walleye Wagon food truck is Lord Fletcher’s newest venture.  Four employees will work the Walleye Wagon when it’s out and about. (Laker photos by Katie Morford)
Four employees will work the Walleye Wagon when it’s out and about. (Laker photos by Katie Morford)

Lord Fletcher’s launches food truck to serve fish, spread name recognition  

Lord Fletcher’s in Spring Park is aiming to spread their food and their name across the metro area with the introduction of a Lord Fletcher’s food truck. The truck will serve four walleye items and is aptly named the Walleye Wagon.

“We want Lord Fletcher’s to be something that can travel, and allow us to have some exposure off-site,” said Kara Moline, office manager at Lord Fletcher’s.

“We’re known for walleye,” she said. “That was an easy focus. Then, ‘Walleye Wagon’ just flowed.”

The truck has been in the works for about six months as it was designed and built. The truck is set to debut on April 2 at a Women’s Hockey Association of Minnesota event at the National Sports Center.

“We’re very excited,” Moline said. “You’re going to be able to have Lord Fletcher’s in Blaine, for example.”

The truck will serve fish & chips, walleye cakes, walleye tacos and a walleye sandwich.

“Our walleye is consistently delicious, and it’s a fun way for us to package our walleye with a different bow on it,” she said.

The fish & chips will come with Lord Fletcher’s hand-cut fries and the other three dishes will come with coleslaw which can be upgraded to fries.
To drink the truck will offer Coke
products and water.

For dessert, customers can have a version of Lord Fletcher’s mud pie that will be on a stick instead of a plate.

Though the dessert will be served in a different format, the mud pie and other items to be served will be of the same high quality as offered in the restaurant, Moline said.

“The sandwich is exactly how it is served in the restaurant,” she said.

“It is going to be quality product, just like you find here at Lord Fletcher’s, both in our main dining room and on our lake level,” Moline added.

The truck will be offering something unique in the walleye cakes, which aren’t on the menu at Lord Fletcher’s.

The Walleye Wagon’s price range is intended to be comparable to the prices at similar food trucks, but amounts aren’t set in stone.

“Our goal is to get exposure throughout the metro area, especially into areas outside of our Lake Minnetonka nook and cranny,” she said. “And, get to the point where we’re invited to events because we bring such a unique food item and such fun.”

“It’s exciting to think about how far we’re spreading Lord Fletcher’s,” Moline added. “Maybe we will become more of a destination.”

A crew of four will run the truck with two individuals cooking, one employee taking orders and one in the expo window.

With the precious few square feet available inside the truck, the employees will have to work together closely.

Lord Fletcher’s management will be listening to feedback from servers to see if the food truck draws in more customers to the brick-and-morter establishment.

“It all comes down to the more people that we can get here and having fun,” Moline said.

Lord Fletcher’s looking to bring the Walleye Wagon to various festivals, fairs and similar events throughout the metro area in the upcoming summer.

To find the Walleye Wagon, individuals can look to social media.

“We will absolutely be promoting the truck through our Twitter, our website, Facebook, Instagram,” Moline said.

The Walleye Wagon can also be booked for graduation parties, birthday parties, corporate lunches, sporting events and various other private events.

The Walleye Wagon has its own Facebook page: www.facebook.com/walleyewagon where individuals can follow the truck and see where it is headed next.

“It represents our high quality of service and food,” she said. “It’s going to be a fun time, and that’s also what Lord Fletcher’s is — fun.”

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