Letter: The value of arts in our school district

To the editor,

I recently spoke with a friend who has been involved with, and has worked for many years, in the ‘arts’. The subject of our Westonka school district bonding vote to build a theatre space (and athletic facility) came up because I asked him what he thought about it. This is what he said:

“It has been proven time and time again that communities with greater access to the arts are communities that thrive. Young people, when exposed to the arts, achieve higher grades, have lower drop out rates and grow to be more rounded and intelligent human beings. It is vastly important that we enhance and improve access to more arts and facilities that provide arts to the general public. This makes us smarter citizens not only of our community and country but of the world. Please support the arts in any way you possibly can. Our future depends on it.”

(Victor Zupanc, Music Director, Children’s Theatre Company, Minneapolis, MN)

Rodney Bauer