Letter: A clarification regarding El Parian

To the editor,

In an article published on El Parian in the September 3rd edition of The Pioneer, I made a comment about Donald Trump supporters. I should have qualified my sarcasm and I am sorry it was misunderstood and not separated from the main story as my personal opinion and sarcasm.

My comments should not have been attributable to the business or prospective owners. They should not be victimized a second time through no fault of their own.

The business and prospective owners do not share or agree with my personal opinions and sarcasm, and I was not authorized to mix my opinions with the story. I am sorry that I did not clarify. In fact the prospective owner, Felipe Villalpando, stated, “Everybody is welcomed in my restaurant!”

It was a long and stressful week. It was full of hostility and sensationalism-seekers, and my sarcasm was the only way I dealt with it. It is only fair to the business and prospective owners that I say this. I am sorry for transferring my frustrations and sarcasm and I apologize.

– Luis Humberto Caire-Tonarelli
Consultant for El Parian Restaurant of Long Lake