Molitor the right choice for Minnetrista

To the editor,

I recently met with Mike Molitor and was pleased to find him so well versed in our city’s issues, including the unique situations for our lakeshore owners. His 5 years on the Minnetrista Planning Commission have educated him well; and his prior committee service for the city of Crystal, plus his consulting work, have provided a good understanding of local governments in general.

I think his dissenting vote for the Planning Commission to recommend the Red Oak development was based on well considered reservations, and I am pleased he was willing to express his opinions and back them with his vote. I found him to be fact-based, a logical thinker, and open to discussion. Attributes I value highly in anyone asking to serve in public office—and sorely lacking in too many of our current political candidates!

I will be voting for Michael Molitor to represent us on the Minnetrista City Council. I invite you to review his credentials and join me.

Jane Norling