Letter to the Editor: Vote Schneider for Long Lake Mayor

To the editor,
Many residents may have noticed new playground equipment at Nelson Park, but they may not know how the city acquired it and what happened to the replaced equipment. Here is the story.
Long Lake Council Member Marty Schneider attended a Hennepin County grant workshop in July 2015 and learned about community funding grants. He applied for a grant and the City of Long Lake received $25,000 for new playground in March 2016. Marty and I are both Rotarians and during a lunch meeting last summer, he told me about the new playground. I asked if he knew about Kids Around the World, a charitable organization that removes old playground equipment, refurbishes it and installs it in over 60 countries around the world for kids who may have never even seen a playground. A quick call was made to Paul Bierhaus, a fellow Rotarian who is also a board member of KATW, and a KATW volunteer crew was at Nelson Park early the following Saturday morning dismantling the equipment, which will be sent to eastern Europe and reassembled by KATW volunteers. (USA safety regulations would have prevented domestic recycling of this equipment.) The volunteer effort saved Long Lake public works staff about four days of work to disassemble, and the city saved the cost of disposal.
This is a great example of how Marty Schneider takes initiative on behalf of the City of Long Lake, how he listens to the ideas of others and how he works to get things done for us. Please vote for Marty Schneider for Mayor of Long Lake.

Diane Malone
Long Lake