Maple Plain: Maas-Kusske wins mayor’s seat

After a vote of 539 to 365, Julie M. Maas-Kusske has won the mayor’s seat in Maple Plain over David Eisinger.

“I’m a mixture of overwhelmed, thankful and grateful,” Maas-Kusske said. “I had no idea what would happen, it was truly a 50/50 chance.”

Maas-Kusske took 59.23 percent of the vote over Eisinger’s 40.11 percent.

“I assumed it could go that way and I plan to simply take it in stride and carry on,” Eisinger said.

First-time council members Dominic Broda and John Fay will occupy the two vacant city council seats after running uncontested in this year’s election.

Broda received 520 votes (45.38 percent) and Fay recieved 591 votes (51.57 percent). A remaining 35 votes (3.05 percent) went to a write-in candidate.

*This story will be updated as results come in and candidates are contacted.