Letter to the Editor: Keep Orono informed and Lake Minnetonka safe

With a new regime at Orono City Hall hell bent on softening rules, I encourage everyone to pay attention. Already there are agenda items regarding hard-cover and setbacks which are there to protect lake water quality.
The ‘City Pages’ posted, January 4th, “In Orono, Minnesota’s Most Expensive Town, A Tough New Mayor Takes Over”, encourages this theme of being educated, and stay informed.
I trust and hope the local newspapers (Laker/Pioneer, Lakeshore Weekly, Sun Sailor) will provide coverage as ‘City Pages’ did to help keep us all informed.
We don’t need rules softened at the expense of lake water quality, or for reasons not why we moved to Orono in the first place.

Don Germanson
Founding Chairperson
Lake Minnetonka Association