WHPS report for Feb. 9 – Feb. 15

Feb. 9
Police were notified that North Memorial Ambulance was enroute to Vinland Center in Independence for a male that was having issues and police assistance was not needed.

Police received a call of debris in the roadway at Independence Road and Pagenkopf Road in Independence. Upon police arrival, there was a fresh set of skid marks in the intersection and glass/debris on the roadway. No vehicle was observed at the scene. Police found a trail of anti-freeze, followed it and located an unoccupied pickup truck parked on the lake just off the roadway. The vehicle had heavy front end damage and was leaking anti-freeze. While police were there, a pickup came across the lake to the damaged vehicle. Two occupants got out and the 23-year-old male driver from Spring Park stated he was following his 22-year-old male friend from Delano heading out to the lake, his phone vibrated or something and he was distracted. He did not see friend stopping to turn until it was too late and rear-ended his vehicle at the intersection. The 23-year-old was issued a citation for Failure to Drive with Due Care.

Feb. 10
At 2:36 a.m., patrol check found a business’ front door open and unlocked at 5600 Highway 12 in Maple Plain. Orono PD assisted in searching and checking the interior of the building and no one was found inside, all appeared OK. The door was secured and the business contact person was called and advised of patrol’s findings.

At 4:14 a.m. Patrol found an unsecured business at 1700 Halgren Rd, Maple Plain. Orono PD assisted in searching and checking the interior of the building and all appeared ok. The Business Contact person was called and advised of Patrol findings.

A caller reported that he watched two golden retrievers walk to the back of the Maple Plain Apartments without owners. The area was checked and the dogs were not found.

A caller reported a round hay bale was in the lane of traffic on County Road 90, near to County Road 6 in Independence. Police arrival found the farmer had already moved the debris to the shoulder of the road and was in the process of moving the hay remnants. He stated the bale fell apart as he was moving it and it landed on the roadway.

Officers received a call of a hit deer still alive in the roadway at County Road 92 and Highway 12 in Independence. Officers removed the dead deer from the road. The striking vehicle was not around.

Police received a call of one threatening suicide with a knife at 800 Copeland Rd. in Independence. The female admitted being depressed, but was not suicidal. She was transported to the hospital to see a doctor.

Feb. 11
At 12:23 a.m., police received a call of a child custody argument, the grandparents refused to give the father custody of his baby in the 800 block of Copeland Road in Independence. Police used the Language Line to communicate with the Grandparents. A discussion with all persons determined the baby could be given to his father and the grandparents gave him the baby.

A caller at 5300 Timber Trail in Independence reported a possible intruder. Upon Police arrival the caller stated it was his sister who he didn’t realize was home, was picked up by a friend and that is what he heard when he made the 911 call, as he believed he was home alone.

Police received a call of vehicles driving on Twin Cities Polo Club property, Independence and doing damaged. Police found two juvenile males, 17 year old from Orono and 15 year old from Maple Plain who stated they drove onto the property through a small flooded area to break the ice and were using boogie boards to skim the water. It did not appear any damage to the landscape was done. Police spoke with the property owner and parents and the juveniles were asked to vacate the property until an agreement could be made to use the property. Property owner advised he would reach out to the parents and settle the issue.

A caller at 1500 Halgren Rd. in Maple Plain reported juveniles loitering around the building. The area was checked and juveniles were gone and no signs of vandalism or property damage.

At 1700 Budd Ave. in Maple Plain, a resident had questions about the city of Maple Plain barking dog ordinance; what is excessive barking. She was advised of Maple Plain’s city ordinance regarding barking dogs.

Feb. 12
A vehicle stalled alongside the road at the intersection of County Road 11 and County Road 90 in Independence. The driver stated possibly the fuel pump broke and he had help on the way.

A caller at 2700 Copeland Rd. in Independence reported that a female was entering the property and that she had no legal right to the property. A Trespass Notice was issued to the female.

A caller at 1800 Budd Ave. in Maple Plain reported a dog that looked like a wolf was in the area and was worried it would be cold. Police located the dog, which was a Siberian Husky. The dog walked away and police were unable to find it. Shortly after, the caller called stating she observed someone grab the dog and bring it into the apartment building.

Feb. 13

At 6:51 a.m., police found a vehicle in the ditch near Robina Lake off of County Road 92 in Independence. The Driver stated she hit a patch of ice and lost control. No injuries or damages were reported. Police stood by and provided traffic control until it was towed out of the ditch.

Police received a 911 hang-up at a business at 5600 Highway 12 in Maple Plain, who stated they were having telephone issues and did not know what area the call was coming from. A caller reported a ‘Stanley’ razor blade was in the eastbound lane of Highway 12, near CR 83 in Maple Plain. The caller didn’t feel it was safe for him to stop and remove it, but felt that a vehicle is going to shred a tire if it’s driven over. Police located the razor knife in roadway, removed it and disposed of the knife.

A resident at 2500 Copeland Rd. in Independence said that her credit card company reported several charges on her account that was not hers. The card was canceled and no loss was reported to her account.

Feb. 14
Police found a stalled utility truck near the intersection of Highway 12 and Main Street in Maple Plain. Police assisted with traffic control while the truck was hooked up to a wrecker.

There was a report of Damage done to multiple cabins at YMCA Camp Ihduhapi in Independence. The cabins were just remodeled. No one had a chance to stay in them. Damage included four cabins’ front and rear doors kicked in, one had a muddy foot print on the door, multiple broken windows, items thrown around the inside and damage to the floors. Hennepin County Crime Lab responded and processed the scene for fingerprints and DNA. Approximate damage was set at $15,000. The case is under investigation.

At 3:44 p.m., police received a radio call of a 911 hang-up coming from a business line at 5600 Pioneer Creek Dr. in Maple Plain. Police arrived and spoke with an employee who advised it was a misdial.

A caller at 7400 Co. Rd. 11 in Independence reported that someone entered a shed and stole hand tools, a welder, welding helmet, grinder, drill and several other tools. Hennepin County Sheriffs Crime Lab processed the scene for fingerprints and other DNA. The case is under investigation.

Feb. 15
Authorities responded to an audible fire alarm at the Maple Plain Community Church in Maple Plain. Maple Plain Fire was on scene and found it was an air compressor issue.

Authorities were dispatched to the Vinland Center in Independence for a 40-year-old male from Elk River, who had about 20 beers the night prior and was going through alcohol withdrawal. The male was transported by ambulance to the hospital to get help.

A resident at 6100 Main St. W. in Independence reported the road was very icy and needed some sand put on it.