WHPS report for Feb. 23 – March 2

Feb. 23
A caller near 9000 Highway 12 in Independence reported a driver almost ran her off the road and was swerving. Officer had contact with driver who admitted to passing two cars between Montrose and Delano, but didn’t think she had cut anyone off. She was advised to be mindful of other motorists.

At 5700 Lake Sarah Heights Drive in Independence, a resident’s vehicle was egged and flour poured on it. At the time of the report, the owner quickly went through a car wash to clean it, and it did not appear to have any damage. Extra Patrol for the area as the egging and flouring of cars has been happening amongst the Rockford High School students.

Feb. 24
A resident at 3300 Co. Road 92N in Independence had posted a vehicle for sale on Craig’s List with his cell phone listed as the contact. The resident received several text messages from several different numbers inquiring about the vehicle. The numbers were all associated with the same person who was unidentified. The resident felt that it was a scam, stopped communicating with the individual and removed the post from Craig’s List.

A resident returned home at 5500 Main Street W. in Maple Plain and found the rear storm door ripped off. Checking the door, it was believed to have come off due to high winds in the area (up to 30 MPH). The door had no pry marks and the inside hinges/frame were bent, which would be consistent with the wind pushing on it. The other doors on the residence showed no signs of damage or tampering.

Feb. 25
Officers received a driving complaint of vehicle driven all over road and slow in traffic near Highway 12 and Baker Park Road in Maple Plain. Police located the vehicle driving 10-15 MPH under the speed limit and weaving from centerline to shoulder. Contact was made with the driver who had a revoked license. No impairment was found. The driver was issued a citation for Driving after Revocation and Failure to Drive with Due Care.

Routine patrol found the street sign at Baker Park Road and Drake Street in Maple Plain was rotated 90 degrees. Maple Plain Public Works notified to fix it.

Police assisted with questions about burning restrictions and obtaining a burn permit to burn for construction debris at 1400 Rainbow Ave. in Maple Plain. Burning construction materials is prohibited and the caller was provided info for disposal.

A resident at 3300 Co. Road 92N in Independence reported someone was trying to scam him via text message and believed the scammers were in his driveway by the text he received. The residence was checked and officers found no vehicles or suspects in the area.

Police received numerous reports of gun shots heard in the area of Co. Road 6 and Co. Road 19 in Independence. The area was checked including Luce Line trail between Co. 110 and McCulley Road, nothing was found.

At 11:12 p.m., police were dispatched to a suspicious person/vehicle complaint near 200 Co. Road 92 in Independence. Two vehicles were located and multiple people were in the parking lot and making noise. A 16-year-old male driver from Chaska was trying to jump start his friends vehicle that had a dead battery. Police assisted them in getting the vehicle started.

Feb. 26
At 12:55 a.m., police found an occupied vehicle with its hazard lights on, parked on the shoulder of Lake Sarah Road and Co. Road 92 in Independence. Contact was made with the driver who had pulled over to text his son.

At 10:26 p.m., police were dispatched to threats/neighbor dispute complaint of a parking lot issue at 5200 Bryantwood Drive in Maple Plain. The caller and neighbor were advised to try and avoid contact with each other.

A male at 2100 South Lake Shore Drive in Independence was feeling ill and was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Feb. 27
Police responded to a grass fire on Co. 11 near Lake Rebecca in Independence. Delano Fire Deptartment and a DNR Officer were on scene. Approximately one acre was burned and Delano FD had it contained and extinguished. The point of origin is unknown, but it appeared to have started near the roadside on Lake Rebecca Road.

At 7:34 p.m., police responded to a complaint of a vehicle westbound on Highway 12 in Maple Plain pulling a trailer that did not have rear trailer lights and a tie down strap was loose. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was advised of the complaint. The driver pulled over into a safer location to fix the lights and strap before continuing on.

Feb. 28
A caller at Co. Road 92 and Egret Drive in Independence had questions about school bus lights and reported vehicles passing school buses with their lights activated. A second call was received reporting someone followed him and confronted him at the stop sign about passing a school bus with kids/lights present. Police educated both parties on the laws regarding traffic and school bus lights when loading/unloading children.

A caller at the Vinland Center in Independence reported a male had fallen and was in a seizure. Police found the male was conscious and alert, had stood up and felt light headed and fell to the ground. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

A resident at 1100 Co. Road 83 in Independence reported a male trespassed on his property by pulling into his driveway and took pictures of his house. The case is under investigation.

A caller at 4900 Highway 12 in Maple Plain reported a male and female were in the store and picked up a bottle of vodka. They both left, did not purchase the vodka and the store clerk could not find the bottle they had picked up anywhere in the store. It is believed to have been stolen.

March 1
A caller at 5000 Main St. E. in Maple Plain reported a suspicious white panel van parked in the parking lot. Upon police arrival the van was gone.

March 2
At 6:23 a.m., a motorist requested assistance at Highway 12 and Co. Road 92 in Independence. The rear passenger side tire was blown out and he was given a ride to Delano.

A business owner at 5200 Main St. in Maple Plain reported a vehicle that’s been parked in their business parking lot for at least a week and he did not know whose it is. Police found the owner’s name, advised the business owner and it was a customer who did not tell the business owner about the car.

Police were dispatched to Lake Sarah Road for a semi hauling horse manure and was over the 4-tonne road weight restrictions. The semi-truck with the trailer was located. The driver was aware of the road limits, said he would leave the area and not come back until the road restrictions were lifted.

A caller at 5000 Pioneer Creek Drive in Maple Plain reported their business accountant had received an email from the director requesting money to be transferred. The email had instructions where to send the money and routing numbers. Further checking found the email address was the directors email address, but she had not sent it. Investigation found it was a scam/fraud attempt for money. The transfer was not done, no loss to the business was reported.

Police responded to a reported stalled vehicle at Highway 12 and Valley Road in Independence and found the car had a flat tire. The tire was changed and driver was back on the road.