Public Notice

Title and Summary of Ordinance 445

The City Council of the City of Minnetrista has adopted Ordinance No. 445, an ordinance regulating the location of residency of certain registered offenders within the City of Minnetrista. The ordinance places restrictions on where individuals who are required to register as Level III predatory offenders under state law may reside. The ordinance also restricts the ability of such offenders to don costumes which may conceal their identity. The ordinance finally excludes certain categories of property, such as certain family-owned residences and residencies lawfully established prior to adoption of the ordinance. The full text of the Ordinance No. 445 is available for inspection at Minnetrista City Hall during regular business hours.

Kris Linquist

City Clerk

Published in

The Laker

March 11, 2017


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