WHPS report for March 3-8

March 3
A motorist called reporting he struck a sign at Oak Street and Highway 12 in Maple Plain. He was westbound on Highway 12 to turn left onto Oak Street, was looking at the eastbound Hwy 12 traffic when he struck the sign in the median. MN DOT was notified of the damaged sign.

At 10:46 p.m., officers received a traffic complaint of a vehicle all over the road with inconsistent speeds. The vehicle was stopped at County Road 19 and Bryant in Maple Plain. Police made contact with the driver, a 62-year-old female from Maple Plain, who was advised of the reason for the stop. The driver admitted to drinking two glasses of wine with dinner and submitted a breath sample into the Preliminary Breath Test which registered a .033% breath alcohol concentration. She was released and given a verbal warning for her driving conduct. Police called the complainant advising them of police findings.

A resident at 2000 South Lake Shore Drive in Independence killed a sick mink that was in their front yard and would not leave. The resident wanted to take it to the taxidermist and was advised to call the DNR for mink hunting regulations and a tag.

March 4
Police received information that an ambulance had been dispatched to 1500 Wyman Ave. in Maple Plain for a heart problem. No police or fire response was requested.

A caller requested assistance on how to get her horse trailer back from her ex-husband. The horse trailer is located in Isanti, MN and she was advised to call the Isanti County Sheriff’s Office and speak to them, since the trailer is located in their jurisdiction and have the proper documentation it is her property.

At 5:08 p.m. officers were dispatched to the water tower in Maple Plain for suspicious activity consisting of two females that climbed up on the water tower awning and tried to get into it. The females were driving a black pickup truck and were leaving the area. The water tower and the surrounding areas were searched, and the truck was not located. Police did not see any vandalism or damage done to the water tower or other buildings.

Police responded to the 5200 block of Bryantwood Drive in Maple Plain to unlock a vehicle. The vehicle was unlocked.

March 5
At County Road 90 in Independence at the railroad tracks, one of the stop arms was half down and the lights were flashing on both sides. BNSF was notified and responded for repairs.

Hopkins Police requested a welfare check on a resident in the 1500 block of Howard Ave. in Maple Plain. Police announced themselves outside the door as the police and the resident yelled at them multiple times and told them to go away. He did not want to talk with them and he was not going to hurt himself. Based on the conversation with the resident through the door Police did not feel he was a danger to himself or others.

March 6
The street sign at Budd and Perkinsville Streets in Independence was severely damaged, pushed over and bent in multiple places. It appeared to have been hit by a motor vehicle. Independence Public Works was notified of the damage.

A Maple Plain caller requested information on guidelines for her 12-year-old son to babysit his younger 7-year-old sibling. She was provided with the Hennepin County Child Protection guidelines on babysitting.

A male at the Vinland Center in Independence reported he was assaulted. The case is under investigation.

A caller near County Road 11 and County Road 92 in Independence reported he struck a deer and it was in the east ditch. The deer was located and it ran away with a broken back leg.

March 7
Police responded to a business alarm of glass breakage at 18 Golf Walk in Independence. The building was found secure without any signs of forced entry. It was noted there were heavy winds during time of the alarm.

A caller at 1700 Howard Ave. in Maple Plain reported the high winds blew the neighbors trampoline onto the road. She would retrieve it but she had the flu. Police removed the trampoline into the yard it appeared to have blown out of.

At 5000 Highway 12 in Maple Plain, police responded to a physical domestic, the victim was physically assaulted. A 26-year-old male from Maple Plain was arrested, transported to Hennepin County Jail and charged with Felony Domestic Assault and Domestic Abuse – Violate Order of Protection.

Police received two calls of a vehicle swerving all over the road and vehicle did not have tail lights near Highway 12 and Baker Park Road in Maple Plain. Police located the vehicle, observed it was swerving; the rear end of the vehicle was nearly touching the ground. The driver admitted swerving stating he thought there was something wrong with the steering, the vehicle was packed with boxes filled with food, baby formula and he was driving to Willmar. The driver was issued a citation for Unsafe Equipment and No Tail Lights. He was told to pull over on a nearby road and advised wait for another truck, unload half of his load and fix his lights.

March 8
High winds blew down a tree; the top of the tree was on the roadway near 3400 County Road 92N in Independence. Hennepin County DOT responded to remove.

Due to heavy winds the stop sign and street sign were down near County Road 11 and Town Line Road in Independence. Independence Public Works were notified for repairs.

A vehicle was left in the parking lot of the Delano Sportsman Club at 4500 County Road 50 in Independence. Police found the vehicle unoccupied and had a flat rear tire. The owner was contacted who advised he would be moving the vehicle.