WHPS report for March 24 – 30

March 24
WHPS Officers assisted the Wright County Sheriff’s Office with a serious crash at County Line Road and County Road 17 in the Franklin Township. A vehicle had left the roadway and struck a tree. WHPS assisted with traffic control.
Officers located a vehicle parked on the shoulder of Highway 12, near Hitsman Lane in Independence. The driver had stopped to look at a map as she was trying to get to an address in Rockford. Police assisted the driver with locating her destination.
A caller reported bag of garbage in the middle of the road near 8900 Highway 12 in Independence. Police checked the area and did not find the debris.
A caller in the 5700 block of Providence Curve in Independence reported that a resident observed a vehicle pull up to his mailbox and an occupant removed unknown amount of mail from his mailbox. The case is under investigation.
At 8:46 p.m., police checked the storage unit at 6200 Highway 12 in Independence. Officers found a renter was making room for storage items. All was OK.

March 25
At 1:31 a.m., police observed a vehicle pull out of a closed car dealership business on Highway 12 in Maple Plain. Contact was made with the driver, who is an Uber driver, lives in Delano and was just stopping to look at prices on the cars. Everything appeared OK.

Police were dispatched to 7500 Turner Road in Independence for a female who was riding her horse and was thrown off when it was spooked by some loud noise. The female possibly had a broken arm and transported by North Ambulance to Abbott/Northwestern Hospital.

A resident at 6200 Waldemar Way in Independence had questions regarding hunting/shooting on his property. He was advised of the state law regarding discharging a firearm within 500 feet of residences or occupied buildings.

A caller at 5300 Highway 12 in Maple Plain reported their keys were locked inside a vehicle. Police unlocked the vehicle and retrieved the keys for the owner.

At 11:38 p.m., a caller reported juveniles on the roof of the Maple Plain Community Church. No one was found on the roof. The Discovery Center was checked and a vehicle without a front license plate was stopped leaving the Christ Lutheran Church. The vehicle ignition had been tampered with, wires were hanging from it and the driver did not have a valid driver’s license; was Driving after Revocation and had a Carver County Felony warrant. He was taken into custody and transported to jail. The vehicle had stolen license plates from the city of Richfield on it. The vehicle contained burglary tools and was loaded with tools and other equipment. The case is under investigation

March 26
At 1:45 a.m., WHPS received a loud music complaint at 1500 Howard Avenue in Maple Plain. Police arrival could hear the loud music all the way into the parking lot. The music was coming from an apartment on the third floor. Police knocked and announced they were there. The music was turned off immediately and no one would come to the door. Police returned at a later time and spoke with the occupant who stated she turned off the music as soon as the police knocked. She did not have a reason for the music being so loud other than her window was open and that is why they could hear it in the parking lot.

Police were dispatched to a residence at 2600 Independence Road in Independence for a gas odor. Maple Plain Fire Deptartment responded and assisted.

A female at 100 Ingerson Road in Independence had difficulty breathing was transported by North Memorial Ambulance to the hospital.

A caller at 3675 Ihduhapi Trail in Independence reported her adult son is at Vinland Center and they would not tell her if he was there or in the hospital. She was upset as a patient had answered her phone call. Police spoke with Vinland and confirmed there were no problems and the caller had called a general phone line that the patients use and also answer.

At 9:21 p.m., WHPS found an occupied vehicle parked in the fire zone outside apartment building in 1500 block of Howard Ave. in Maple Plain. Contact with the driver who had forgotten something for a client and used the grocery cart to haul stuff into the building.

March 27
A resident at 5000 Perkinsville Road in Independence reported two mailboxes were damaged. It appeared that the mailboxes were struck with a baseball bat or something similar due to the type of damage located on them. The plastic newspaper boxes were also knocked off. The estimated replacement cost for each mailbox with materials/labor is $75 each.

Police were dispatched to a carbon monoxide alarm at 6800 County Road 6 in Independence. Contact was made with the homeowner, who stated it was discovered to be an alarm malfunction and it was reset by the worker on site. Everything was OK.

A caller at 4500 County Road 50 in Independence reported a person fainted at the Gun Club. Police arrival found the female was conscious and alert. The mother canceled North Ambulance and transported her daughter home.

March 28
A resident at 7000 Pioneer Creek Road in Independence had questions on the road limit restrictions and if driving a backhoe is restricted. The backhoe would be over the road limits and he will need to wait until the restrictions are lifted.

A resident at 5900 County Road 6 in Independence reported her bank called her stating someone had accessed her bank account and for her to file a report with the Police. The bank is refunding her the money, no loss to her and the accounts were closed. The bank is investigating further.

March 29
At 1:17 a.m., officers found a vehicle stopped on the side of the road at County Road 11 and County Road 90 in Independence. The vehicle had a flat tire and the driver had called for a tow as he did not have tire iron to change it.

A female in the 5900 block of Three Oaks Ave. in Maple Plain was feeling ill and was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

A resident at 1100 County Road 83 in Independence reported a woodchuck was stuck in an egress window and he wanted an officer to shoot it. Police advised to get a fishing net and scoop the animal out of the egress window if it’s not posing an immediate threat to human life. Police would not fire a weapon into a confined space near an occupied dwelling. It was recommended to try and cover the egress window to prevent animal access.

Police offered assistance to a stalled vehicle on the side of the road at County Road 6 and County Road 19 in Independence. The vehicle had a flat tire and the driver had help on the way to change her tire.

Police received a 911 hang-up call from the 6400 block of Pagen Kopf Road in Independence. Police met with the homeowner advising of the 911 hang-up. The homeowner said everything is fine and that his phone must be having issues.

A business owner reported he heard a loud crash outside near Boundary Avenue and Highway 12 in Maple Plain and a vehicle had just hit the road sign in the middle of the median. After contact was made with the driver, it was determined he did not hit the sign. Two vehicles had been struck by the sign. Both drivers stated all of sudden a sign came flying through the air into their lane, they were unable to avoid it and struck both vehicles. One had front bumper damage, a flat rear tire and her car was driven to a nearby repair shop and the tire was changed. The second vehicle had a large crack in the front bumper through the radiator. The vehicle was shaking violently with the engine running and was left a Collision Corner. No injuries to the drivers were reported.

A resident at 2100 South Lake Shore Drive in Independence reported a male was in out of consciousness. Upon police arrival the male was conscious and was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

March 30
At 2:56 a.m., police saw a vehicle parked in front of the Police Station. The driver and passenger were playing Pokémon.

A caller reported 6 goats were in the trees just off the roadway in the 9000 block of Highway 12 in Independence. The animal owner was located and responded to pick them up.

A caller reported a pickup truck was weaving back and forth, crossing over the lines and weaving heavily within his lane near County Road 6 and County Road 110 in Independence. Police observed same driving conduct. Contact with the driver who said he was swaying to the music on his radio. He apologized and didn’t realize that he crossed over the lines. No signs of impairment were detected.