Mound talks permit updates

By Nicole Brodzik
[email protected]

During their April 25 meeting, the Mound City Council held a trio of public hearings to update conditional use permits for private and public properties.

The first hearing was for adjusting the conditional use permit for Surfside Bar and Grill to allow for an outdoor dining area. The new area would be located near the current parking lot and would add 32 seats.

City planner Sarah Smith said that Mound city staff were on board with the changes, especially since they have the abiilty to readjust the permit if things go south.

“There was a discussion of noise,” Smith said. “In event we see issues in violation, there are provisions in the code for the city to revisit the conditional use permit. It’s very important that folks stay within their CUP and related conditions.”

Smith said she had gotten some concerns from neighbors to Surfside over the noise from music played inside the restaurant, but that no one had issues with the new patio, so long as the noise didn’t get out of hand.

No one came to speak to the council during the public hearing and there was no discussion by the council, who voted unanimously to approve the amended conditional use permit.

The next public hearing was for a change to the Indian Knoll Apartments new development. The process of developer Aeon acquiring the Indian Knoll property started back in 2016. The original plan called for 11 rain gardens and a pervious surface to be used in sections of the parking lot to help with storm water drainage. The council approved that plan in October, but when Aeon took their plans to the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, it was found not to be doing enough to help with the storm water run off from that property.

The new plan calls for an underground system that will be put in below the parking lot. They have also eliminated some of the rain gardens on the property.

Diane Brickley lives on Spruce Road, near the new Indian Knoll Property. She voiced her concerns during the public hearing.

“I’m glad to hear we’re dealing with some of the water issues,” she said. “Currently, the street is flooding from additional runoff from those properties.”

She also said that she had concerns about parking and construction workers, who she said are not being respectful of the neighboring properties.
“I understand the construction workers need to take breaks, but if they could be cognizant of where they throw their trash and cigarette butts, that would be appreciated,” Brickley said. “I went out and cleaned up the street last week.”

She also asked that the city consider making Spruce Road a no parking area because she said that with cars parked along the road, two cars cannot pass each other on the street and she was concerned that issue would only get worse as the new occupants move into the new Indian Knoll Manor units.
The council then closed the public portion of that meeting and voted unanimously to approve the new water runoff plan, which will likely be moving forward in a few months.

Lastly, the council also held a public hearing for a new structure that will go up in the Mound Public Works storage yard to help cover up road materials and machines. The structure will be 44 feet by 42 feet and will be made of a white, PVC-strengthened material. Smith said she had not heard from anyone in response to the new structure and said that staff recommended approval of the new structure. The council then voted unanimously to approve the motion.

The next Mound City Council meeting is May 9.