WHPS public safety report for April 21-27

April 21
Maple Plain City Public Works were checking manholes near Budd Avenue and Manchester Drive in Maple Plain. A BMW came speeding into the area almost striking the workers. Police contact made with the driver on safety and traffic concerns.

A resident in the 4500 block of Lake Sarah Drive in Independence resident received an IRS call; she did not give any info and wanted Police to know of the call. It is a scam.

A caller near 1500 Wyman Ave. in Maple Plain reported a possible drunk driver. The area was checked and the vehicle was not found.

A resident in the 6200 block of Woodhill Lane in Independence reported she has received calls and determined it is an IRS Scam. She did not provide any personal info or money. Wanted Police to be aware of the calls.

A theft of liquor from M & M Wine & Spirits was reported to WHPS. A male and female stole a bottle of alcohol and left. Before leaving the store, the store owner removed a bottle from the female’s handbag. The male had removed a bottle from a shelf, concealed it under his clothing and left the store. Chris Larry Fundingland, 53 from Long Lake was cited for Theft – Shoplifting and Driving after Revocation; Female, Grace Ann Remington, 50 Montrose was cited for Shoplifting.

Police assisted a motorist stopped on the side of the road near 7000 Highway 12 in Independence. He had just bought the vehicle and it stopped working while driving it. He requested a tow.

April 22
At 2:39 a.m., a caller reported a semi-truck driven at 35 mph on Highway 12 from Valley Road in Independence. The area was checked and the truck was not found.

A caller reported a small manhole cover is popped up and is a safety concern at Parkview Road and Three Oaks Avenue in Maple Plain. Police located it and attempted to re-secure without success. Traffic cones were placed around hole and Maple Plain public works was notified.

A vehicle was about to stop for another vehicle ahead of her when she was rear ended near Baker Park Road and Highway 12 in Maple Plain. The driver stated she saw the light turn green and thought the other vehicles ahead of her started moving when she rear-ended the vehicle in front of her. Both drivers were wearing their seatbelts and no injuries were reported. Moderate damage occurred to vehicles and they were driven from the scene.

Police responded to a business alarm at 5000 Highway 12 in Maple Plain. The renter was on site and had set the alarm off by accident.

At 10:45 p.m., a driver reported a white SUV clipped her car while she was traveling northbound on County Road 19 in Independence and kept going southbound on County Road 19. Photos were taken of the damage and white paint transfer left on the struck vehicle.

April 23
A caller reported a homeowner was operating equipment in violation of their conditional use permit near 1300 County Road 19 in Independence. Police found an employee operating a bobcat who stated he was done for the day and would stop further operation. The caller would need to contact the city regarding violation of the permit.

A caller reported a silver SUV with a trailer had dumped two full size bed mattresses in the ditch near Pioneer Creek Road and Quaas Cutoff in Independence. The caller did not see it happen, described the SUV as possibly a Mitsubishi Montero occupied by three white males. Photos were taken of the mattresses, tire tracks and foot prints left behind.

Police observed a dad and son playing catch in the street near Prairieland and Clayton in Maple Plain and offered to run radar on the youngsters pitching speed. The juvenile threw 32, 36 and then 38 mph.

April 24
A tenant in the 1500 block of Howard Avenue in Maple Plain felt she was being held hostage and not being allowed move-out of her apartment when she wanted to on June 1. Management advised all she has to do is provide a 30 days notice on her intention to move out. Police helped mediate the conversation and the tenant understood what is required to move out and thanked the police for their help.

Police responded to a stalled vehicle at County Road 90 and Highway 12 in Independence. The driver stated their phone died that they were using for GPS and pulled over to fix the issue. No was assistance needed. Police stood by to alert traffic until the driver pulled away.

A caller near 1200 County Road 19 in Maple Plain reported theft of a motorcycle and trailer. The case is under investigation.

A resident at 6900 Fogelman Road in Independence reported her dog ‘Little Dickens” found out how to unlatch his kennel and left their property. After searching for him in the area, she found “Little Dickens” back in his kennel; some nice neighbor must have put him back in his kennel.

Police dispatched to Vinland Center in Independence for a female that was suffering from a possible heart attack. Police found the female outside on the ground. She was given oxygen and was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

April 25
A resident at 5000 Macalister Drive in Independence reported he was contacted by a bank regarding an account that was attempted to be opened in his name. No financial loss to date and he was advised to make a police report.

Police received a traffic complaint of a vehicle swerving. The driver and vehicle were located at 2000 McDow Lane in Maple Plain. The Driver was advised of the complaint. She stated she was having an issue with her front left tire.

April 26
Police observed a hub cap fall off a vehicle eastbound on Highway 12 and Budd Avenue in Maple Plain. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was advised of the hub cap situation. The driver turned around and followed the police, who retrieved the hub cap from the ditch for her.

At 11:45 p.m., a female had difficulty breathing at Vinland Center in Independence. She was transported by ambulance to the hospital.

April 27
At 12:11 a.m., police observed a truck in the parking lot of Budd Avenue and Main Street in Maple Plain. The driver was digging underneath the steering wheel. Contact was made with the female driver who said she was waiting for her kids to fall asleep and needed something to occupy her time so she was cleaning the truck interior. Several one-time use wipes were on the floor and the truck smelled of cleaning chemicals.

A driver with two children in the vehicle were looking at lots for sale near 6000 County Road 11 in Independence. The road was too busy to back out of the driveway and she turned around and ended up in the culvert, with the rear driver side wheel suspended in the air. Burda’s Towing was called to tow the vehicle out.