LTE: Paulsen out of touch with constituents

Our representative, Erik Paulsen, is getting a lot of press for his so called “Town hall Meetings”, but he has chosen to meet with only an extremely small number of selected people and sometimes only by phone. I think a real town hall meeting should be open to all his constituents, not just a few who share his views. During the last recess, he refused to attend a town hall meeting at a Plymouth church. Over 1,200 people showed up to a 600-person capacity church and held a meeting without him. Representative Paulsen has not acknowledged letters and phone calls I have made to him, so I would like to convey a few thoughts here.
I believe it is morally bankrupt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Millions of truly needy people rely on the help it provides. Statistically, over time, thousands of people will die, unnecessary and prematurely, without this help. Sure there are many flaws in the ACA, but if politicians truly care they could work together to make it better, instead of destroying it. Are we, who are well off, so immoral that we value a few extra bucks in slightly lower taxes over the lives of fellow human beings? I hope the answer is no.

Mike McLaughlin
Maple Plain