LTE: Osmek no friend of Orono Schools

To the editor,

The hard working and engaged parents of Orono Schools should know that State Senator Dave Osmek is not your friend. Nor is Mr. Osmek a friend of public education where 95 percent of the students in his district attend. While Orono Schools was recently ranked second in the state for STEM, Mr. Osmek has proposed funding Orono schools $650,000 less than what the governor has proposed in his budget. This, despite a $2 billion state surplus. (Source: MDE) His funding proposal does not cover the rate of inflation which will force parents in Orono Schools to continue fundraising for positions that should be funded by the state. Furthermore, Mr. Osmek has proposed giving a part of Orono’s funding to Providence Academy in the form of generous tax credits. Providence Academy’s tuition is around $19,000/year and their athletic facilities are superior to Orono’s. Time is of the essence. Please share your disbelief that Mr. Osmek will not adequately fund Orono Schools despite a $2 billion surplus. Call him today at 651-296-1282 or email him [email protected]

Bruce DeWitt,
Concerned Parent
Orono Schools