An update from the Mound Parks Commission

The Mound Parks Commissioners are doing important planning to improve the amenities in our parks. A first big step in this process was the on-line survey conducted by our community planners as part of the update process for our comprehensive plan. This ongoing update process includes a special focus on managing parks and open spaces; so the commission will be analyzing that feedback as a stepping-off point. If residents missed that survey, they can provide your inputs back to the commission directly. Some bigger ideas already in motion are shared below and may spark other thoughts.

When Crescent Park was restored after several years as a construction staging area, it was replanted as a native, waterside meadow. It will take three years total for this to completely grow in, but residents can see how it is emerging already. The commission also cleaned up the view to the lake, added some higher-value trees and improved the path out to the point where there is a great spot to shore-fish, watch the water birds or enjoy the view of Harrisons Bay.

Infrastructure improvement projects have significantly impacted Avon and Swenson Parks, and the commission anticipates they will at Doone Park as well. As the city restores these areas, there is an opportunity to improve the condition of the turf and play fields, and even look at opportunities to re-envision the function of the space like the commission did at Crescent Park last year.

The commission has begun planting edibles at Three Points Park. A small grove of apple trees has already been placed on the east hillside and we will be adding ground and vine berries, some ground perennial veggies and a raised bed or two for more traditional annual veggies. The commission is not intending to put food on anyone’s table; but rather create an interesting and attractive space on the less functional hillsides of this park while connecting people more closely with the nature of food. Pick it and eat it while you enjoy the experience. The commission will include some interpretive plant markings so if residents try something they like they will know what it is and how they might grow it themselves.

The planning process that is under way is not only open for public input, but depends on it. The public process does not turn on a dime, so as much as we need your input, we also ask your patience. The Parks Commission meets in open session the second Thursday of each month, October through June. Ideas that gain momentum here are passed along to staff for initial planning and budget work. Proposals that include significant changes to the intensity, nature or use of a facility will also be reviewed at public meeting by the planning commission to ensure it doesn’t upset the balance between use of our public spaces and their residential neighbors. Once ready for consideration, final action for major renewal, improvement or change in function will be approved by the city council, both as part of budget approvals each December and to approve final improvement details once developed.

Get to know the Mound Parks Commissioners and share your great ideas with them. The commission is made up of volunteers and their contact information and current agenda packets are available under the “Government” tab of the Mound web page.