Minnetrista approves plan draft, hears from developers

by Nicole Brodzik
[email protected]

During their June 5 meeting, the Minnetrista City Council approved a draft of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan and discussed a pair of upcoming development projects.

Eric Zweber from engineering firm WSB was there to give a brief presentation on the proposed draft of the 2040 comprehensive plan. The 2040 plan has been in the works for over a year and recently was reviewed during a public hearing at the Minnetrista Planning Commission.

Zweber said there were some major changed from the 2030 plan, which included the density of the residential areas in Minnetrista.

“A lot of this was done because of the amount and the density that you have for the high density that you have in your community,” he said. “It’s the exact same area as 2030 plan. The area hasn’t grown, it’s the density that has grown.”

He also said that there have been additions of commercial areas as well as moving around some of the urban reserve areas.

During the planning commission’s public hearing, there were five key changes that residents wanted to see from the new plan. One request was for the removal of a commercial property south of Highway 7 that would come with more costly infrastructure. The other things that were requested were residents who were asking to either have their properties added or subtracted to the urban reserve areas. Zweber said that the planning commission suggest approval by the council with those five amendments.

Mayor Lisa Whalen read the motion to approve the draft, with changes, and adding, “whereas the city council acknowledges projected growth and population by the Met Council has been historically high, the city will evaluate its population and growth on a continuing basis.” The motion was approved unanimously by the council.

The other major order of business was the approval of a final plat for the Woodland Cove Lake second addition.

Community Development Director David Abel spoke to the council about a couple of changes to the project.

The area this project is on is the northernmost part of Woodland Cove, which includes the peninsula area. The changes involving moving three lots of the total 26 lots off of the peninsula and in the cove areas. Because of this, there are is also some movement of the docks, though the number of docks will stay the same.

Abel also said they recommended giving Woodland Cove LLC up to one year to file the plat, as opposed to the standard 100 days because the developer is unsure about when the project will get moving.

The next item on the agenda was a look at a sketch plan for the Red Oak View complex to be placed off of County Road 19.

The lots would be build on 4.7 acres just south of Red Cove development. The sketch showed 14 villa-style lots that would have 3,000-3,600 square foot homes. The planning commission recommended that the developers look at the amount of hard cover needed to make sure they are compliant with city standards as well as keeping in mind how future areas might develop.

There were a couple of comments from the council about keeping the current buffer trees and maintaining the natural effects that Minnetrista is known for.

The next city council meeting is scheduled for June 19 at 7 p.m. at Minnetrista City Hall.