WHPS public safety report for June 16 – 21

June 16
Police and Maple Plain Fire responded to a residential fire alarm at 1200 Townline Road in Independence and discovered ii was burnt food. No fire was found.

A resident in the 5800 block of Macallister Drive in Independence received a call at her work number that she had to immediately pay money to the IRS. The resident did not pay and was advised it is a scam attempt.

A caller in the 8200 block of Hitsman Lane in Independence reported a brush pile was burned without a burn permit. He was given a warning for burning without a permit.

A vehicle near 18 Golf Walk in Independence was broken into and a camouflaged North Face Fannie Pack, photograph, iPhone charger and other items were stolen from it. The case is under investigation.

A second vehicle was broken into. The passenger side window was broken out; the vehicle was still locked when victim/police tried to open it. A Michael Kors purse with cash and credit cards were stolen. The case is under investigation.

A business near 1300 Budd Ave. in Maple Plain reported at least five of their heavier trucks had batteries stolen out of them. Approximate loss was $1,000.00. The case is under investigation.

June 17
A call was received of shots heard near 18 Golf Walk in Independence. Parked near the area in a business parking lot was a truck with a blown out trailer tire. The driver was in the process of trying to repair it. The shots heard was determined to be the tire that blew out.

A caller in the 5900 block of Pagenkopf Road in Independence reported hearing one shot in the area, which was determined to be a firework.

A resident in the 1700 block of Baker Park Road in Maple Plain agreed to have his driveway paved for $700 by a business that was in the area and had extra asphalt. Upon completion of the job, the resident was billed $3,700, who argued with the business owner, but paid it. The resident’s pavement is not holding as only half of asphalt thickness was poured. It was learned that the business solicited in Maple Plain without a solicitors permit and there are similar complaints in other cities against this same business.

An officer observed a vehicle with license plates flagged for alcohol impoundment and the registered owner’s DL status revoked near Townline Road and County Road 11 in Independence. Contact with the driver revealed him to be under the influence of alcohol. Dylan Gronberg, 28 from Minneapolis submitted a breath that resulting in .08 BAC. He was transported to Hennepin County Jail and his vehicle is under possible forfeiture.

June 18
During a special DWI enforcement detail a vehicle was stopped shortly after midnight for turning its headlights off and on as it traveled down the road near County Road 110 and Game Farm Road in Minnetrista. The driver was found to be under the influence and tested .14 BAC. Kelly Beeman, 25 of Mound was arrested and booked for Third Degree DWI.

WHPS received a call of a possible stroke in the 1100 block of Polo Club Road in Independence. The patient’s symptoms went away before the officer arrived. Patient was going to seek medical treatment.

A call was received about a juvenile out of control inside a moving vehicle in the 5800 block of Highway 12 in Maple Plain. The driver pulled over into a Maple Plain business parking lot and called 911. The officer was able to calm the juvenile down and the juvenile was returned home.

A call was received from the 5300 block of Clayton Drive in Maple Plain, of a loud bang and then the power going out. Excel Energy was called, already aware of the situation and had a crew working on fixing a blown transformer.

A call was received for a vehicle in the ditch near Old Post Road and Pagenkopf Road in Independence. When the officer arrived on scene, he found the vehicle unoccupied. Contact was made with the driver who stated he was driving home from work, saw eyes in the ditch and swerved, going into the ditch. He admitted he was probably going too fast. The vehicle was removed a short time later.

June 19
A golfer at 18 Golf Walk in Independence noticed that his range finder was missing and reported it stolen. No leads at this time.

A set of vehicle and house keys was found near the 5500 block of Timber Trail in Independence. A photo was posted on WHPS’ Facebook page. The owner recognized the keys and claimed them at WHPS’ office.

A welfare check was requested in the 5300 block of Highway 12 in Maple Plain by a pizza establishment, because the employee heard a male in the background and believed the caller might be in trouble. Officers responded and learned that both parties were OK, their TV was on too loud playing an action movie.

June 20
A report received by WHPS of a possible cougar or jaguar sighting in the 9200 block of County Road 11 in Independence. MN DNR Wildlife Division was contacted and ruled out either type of animal. They were given the reporting party’s contact info to make contact with her for more information.

WHPS received a call of a breathing problem in the 5500 block of Bryant Street in Maple Plain. An officer responded and the patient was found to have low oxygen. Patient returned to normal and did not want to go to the hospital.

June 21
Call received by WHPS of a vehicle that appeared to be abandoned near Bryant Street and Budd Avenue in Maple Plain. The responding officer found that it was legally parked but with expired tabs but it appeared to be abandoned. The vehicle was not locked, no documentation was found inside. A citation as left on the windshield and it will be towed if not moved. The vehicle was subsequently towed the next day.

A call was received of a suspicious vehicle that has stopped on the shoulder in the 7300 block of County Road 11 in Independence numerous times and the driver looks like he’s looking at something or possibly photographing something. Contact was made with the party, who admitted to being a bird watcher and enjoys bird watching.

A report was received of two dogs fighting in the 5600 block of Lake Sarah Heights Drive in Independence. Upon the officer’s arrival the homeowner had control of one dog, but not the other and it had to be maced to get it to back off. The homeowner was fostering the two dogs.

An officer was dispatched to a possibly injury crash on Highway 12 in front of the Maple Plain Library. A vehicle stopped for the red crosswalk light and was rear-ended by a motorcycle, who couldn’t to stop in time. The motorcyclist was checked out by an ambulance, refused to go to the hospital.

Officers responded to a verbal domestic with one party breaking items inside the residence in the 5200 block of Manchester Drive in Maple Plain. Contact was made with both parties and it was learned that one party was moving out and the other was not happy about. Officers stood by while the other party packed and moved out.

An officer responded to a disturbance call in the 5200 block of Manchester Drive in Maple Plain, where a resident reported that a neighbor yelled at her. The officer spoke to all parties and they agreed to not yell at each other anymore.