New jeweler sets up shop in Navarre

by Nicole Brodzik
[email protected]

A 12-year-old boy named Sam is standing at a bench covered in old clocks in the back room of Timeless Jewelry and Clocks in Navarre.

Owner Debbie Burns’s son, Sam, working on a clock in the repair shop at TImeless Jewelry and Clocks in Navarre. (submitted photo)

“This one is slow,” he said, motioning to a clock encased in a wooden box. “The clock on the wall says it’s 11:20, but this one says 11:08.”

It’s one of many clocks in the store, which Sam’s mother, Debbie Burns, co-owns. Sam flutters back and forth between the rooms of the store talking about where he and his mother bought the clocks and how they figured out what was wrong.

“We had a grandfather clock that we got at a sale,” Sam said. “They thought it was broken, but it just needed oil.”
Burns is there, helping fill in the pieces of her son’s stories.

“We went to an auction in Iowa and brought back some of these,” she said, pointing to clocks in various stages of repair around the shop.

Burns opened the store with her business partners, Troy Knoploh and John Rock, last month.

She said Sam is obsessed with mechanical clocks. He has 50 of them in his bedroom. He also has Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Burns said a part of why she and her partners opened Timeless Jewelry and Clocks was to create a future career for Sam and for Knoploh’s son, Cole. Both boys fall somewhere on the autism spectrum and while Sam’s love is for clocks, Cole’s passion is more in line with his father’s work as a goldsmith.

“He was back here working on a watch we were repairing the other day,” Knoploh said. “He helps with the polishing, too.”

Knoploh said Cole and his twin sister Sarah are both interested in the store and were excited when they opened shop just a few weeks ago.

Burns said that they are hoping to show their children how to run a business and how to do it with integrity.
“We want to be recognized as the hometown jeweler that people respect and trust,” Burns said.

The shop specializes in custom jewelry, repairs and consignment pieces. Knoploh has been in a bench jeweler for over 30 years and he said that repairing people’s most cherished pieces.

“When I was in school, everyone wanted to be a designer,” he said. “I love repairs. If a piece is important enough for someone to come in and put money into it, I know how much that means and I feel like I’m doing something important. We want to invite everybody to come meet us.”

He also said that while other jewelers may turn customers with costume jewelry away, repairing those pieces is something Knoploh prides himself on.

“People are almost apologetic when they come in with costume jewelry,” he said. “But if that’s their favorite piece, we want to get it back on their wrist or in their ears for them.”

The other side of the jewelry business at Timeless Jewelry and Clocks is consignment. Burns said that they get some items at auctions or estate sales, but that they also can help people sell their jewelry by showing it in their cases and then charging a percentage of the sale for the piece.

“It’s really helpful for people who have gotten inheritances and don’t know what to do with some of the pieces,” she said. “They can bring it in and we’ll agree on a price and we’ll sell them here for them.”

So far, Burns said the community has been welcoming and she feels like Timeless Jewelry and Clocks will only continue to grow in the years to come.

“It’s been great,” Burns said. “People have said that they needed something like this in the area. We hope to one day expand into a larger space.”

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