WHPS report for Aug. 10 – 16

Aug. 10
A caller reported female was feeling ill and passed out at the Vinland Center in Independence. Upon police arrival, the female was alert and conscious. Unknown why she blacked out. She was transported to the hospital.

Police, Maple Plain Fire Rescue and North Memorial Ambulance responded to a medical for an infant in the 5900 block of Henry Street in Maple Plain. The infant was transported to Children’s Hospital.

Police responded to a vehicle in the ditch at County Road 11 and County Road 90 in Independence. The driver said he was driving when his phone rang. He went to answer it, got distracted and drove off the road. The driver said he was not injured and did not require medical attention. A tow was needed to pull the vehicle out of the ditch.

Police and Loretto Fire responded to a fire alarm in the 3400 block of Ihduhapi Trail in Independence, that covered the elevator shaft and hallway. They were met by staff who advised they were grilling outside and smoke came into the building and set off the alarm.

At 11:20 p.m., police responded to a female who had fallen in the 5500 block of Bryant Street in Maple Plain. She was assisted back into bed. No injuries.

At 11:57 p.m., police responded to the 1700 block of County Road 92 in Independence for a male who had fallen and helped him into his chair.

Aug. 11
At 12:48 a.m., police stopped a vehicle for going 73 mph near County Road 11 and Lake Sarah Road in Independence. An odor of marijuana and alcohol was coming from the vehicle. The driver, a 16-year-old female from Loretto, said she was trying to get home, because she was out past curfew. Police found two pipes, e-cigarette tobacco, and .5g of marijuana. She submitted a preliminary breath test which resulted in .06 alcohol concentration. She was issued a citation for Speed, Curfew, Drug Paraphernalia, Marijuana, and Underage Drink and Drive. Her mother was contacted and released to her.

A vehicle was northbound on County Road 90 near Highway 12 in Independence, pulled out into the lane of traffic to go west on Highway 12 and was struck by a westbound vehicle. The striking vehicle was pushed off the roadway and hit a light pole in the northwest corner of the intersection, knocking it down. Both vehicles were towed. Witnesses stated the driver turning off CR 90 onto Hwy 12 didn’t have enough time to pull into traffic; she rolled through the stop sign and failed to yield. She was issued a citation for Failure to Yield.

At 10:06 p.m., a caller reported a silver pickup truck pulled down the road in the 1000 block of County Road 19 in Independence, for the new construction. The driver of the vehicle turned its lights off and sat there for a few minutes and then left. Police arrived within five minutes of the call being dispatched and did not locate the vehicle.

A patient in the 7500 block of Turner Road in Independence had fallen off a horse. The patient was transported to North Memorial Hospital by ambulance.

Aug. 12
A caller reported a female in the 1500 block of Howard Avenue in Maple Plain has been having tooth pain for several weeks. North Ambulance arrived and assisted.

A female in the 6500 block of Hillstrom Road in Independence had pain and was transported to the hospital.

A caller reported a vehicle was swerving all over the road and almost went into the ditch, near Highway 12 and Howard Avenue in Maple Plain. Luke Timothy Monnens, 37 from Lakeville submitted a breath test which resulted in .19 breath alcohol concentration. Monnens was arrested for Third Degree DWI and transported to Hennepin County Jail.

Aug. 13
Police were dispatched for a hammock that was in the middle of resident’s alfalfa field in the 2200 block of County Line Road. The area was checked and no other items were found. Believed it may have been placed to watch the meteor shower the night prior.

A caller reported a green wrangler jeep without a top and occupied by three young persons was doing donuts in the Northside Park. The vehicle was not located.

Aug. 14
A construction sign at a residence in the 400 block of Nelson Road in Independence was sprayed completely in black, then other wording was sprayed in white. An officer spoke to the homeowner about ideas on jobsite security.

A cell phone and a personal check were found on the ground at Polo Club Road and Turner Road in Independence. The owner of both was found and the property returned.

Aug. 15
A female in the 5500 block of Bryant Street in Maple Plain fell and hit her head on a dresser. She was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

WHPS received a call for a person in the 6000 block of Wood Hill Lane in Independence who recently had surgery and was getting up from a seated position began to feel dizzy and faint. He was transported to Methodist Hospital.

A party in the 3400 block of Ihduhapi trail in Independence spoke to an officer about a possible harassing phone message. The party was advised how to seek a restraining order.

An officer assisted Medina PD with traffic control at Highway 12 and Baker Park Road in Maple Plain, while they extinguished a minor vehicle fire.

Aug. 16
WHPS received a call of a found dog in the 5800 block of Amy Lane in Maple Plain. An officer responded to the scene and was told that the dog had a current rabies tag and the vet’s office confirmed the dog’s address and owner. The dog was given a ride home and reunited with its owner.

A person came to the police department to speak with an officer about unwanted contact. She was advised how to handle the situation.

WHPS received a call of an unconscious party in the 200 block of County Road 92 in Independence, who was breathing, but unresponsive. Maple Plain Fire assisted on scene. The victim started coming to when the ambulance arrived. He was transported to the hospital.

A person was reported missing in the 5200 block of Bryantwood Drive in Maple Plain, after his ride arrived to pick him up after work, but he wasn’t there. The driver was told the party had decided to walk home. The missing person later arrived home.