WHPS report for Aug. 17 – Aug. 23

Aug. 17
WHPS received a call of a party who was out of control and assaulting the reporting party in the 3400 block of Lake Sarah Road in Independence. The suspect was transported to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

Police and Maple Plain Fire Rescue responded to a party having chest pain in the 5000 block of Highway 12 in Maple Plain. North Memorial Ambulance arrived and transported the party to the hospital.

Police and Maple Plain Fire Rescue responded to a party having an allergic reaction in the 5000 block of Macallister Drive in Independence. North Memorial Ambulance arrived and transported her to the hospital.

An officer observed two vehicles that appeared to traveling together or involved in road rage on Highway 12, near Hitsman Lane in Independence. Both vehicles were stopped. Two passengers in the first vehicle and one passenger in the second were under 21 and under the influence of alcohol and were picked up by their parents. Driver of the second vehicle was revoked with no insurance. His vehicle was towed and he was given a ride by the first vehicle. Multiple citations were issued.

Two officers were at a local restaurant in the 600 block of Babcock Blvd. in Delano, when an elderly male in the restaurant collapsed near the restrooms. The officers provided oxygen until Delano Fire, Ridgeview and Wright County responded. The male was transported to the hospital.

Aug. 18
A West Hennepin officer assisted Three Rivers Park Police with an unconscious female in a park in the 2300 block of County Road 19 in Medina. North Memorial Ambulance arrived on scene, took over care of the female and transported her to the hospital.

A vehicle traveling southbound on County Road 92 N. in Independence was stopped for speed; 109 mph in a 55 mph zone. The driver admitted he’d just gotten the car and was ‘showing off to his friends’ who were in the vehicle with him. Driver was cited for speed.

A motorist was stopped for not stopping at the four-way stop sign at the intersection of County Roads 11 and 92 in Independence. Cynthia Marie Schroeder, 50, from Rockford failed field sobriety tests and submitted a breath test that resulted in .11 breath alcohol concentration. She was arrested, fingerprinted, charged with fourth degree DWI and released.

Aug. 19
An officer responded to assist a party in the 5500 block of Bryant Street in Maple Plain, who had fallen, bumped her head and couldn’t get back up on her own. Maple Plain Fire arrived and took over patient care with the officer assisting until an ambulance arrived and transported her to the hospital.

Police and Maple Plain Fire responded to a party who’d fallen seven feet to the ground from a ladder in the 5700 block of Amy Lane in Maple Plain. He complained of wrist and chest pain. The party was stabilized until AirCare arrived and airlifted him to the hospital.

A traffic complaint was called in by another driver near Highway 12 and Howard Avenue in Maple Plain. The vehicle was stopped and while speaking with the driver, the officer could smell the odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. A search resulted in marijuana and various paraphernalia being found in the vehicle and seized. The driver was released pending complaint.

During routine patrol, four males were observed unloading a trailer full of junk into a dumpster in the 5200 block of Bryantwood Drive in Maple Plain. They were made to put everything back in in their trailer and told to bring it to a proper disposal site. They were verbally warned for illegal dumping and advised they would receive citations if the officer found their junk in another dumpster.

Two officers responded to a property damage crash at Old Post Road and Pagenkopf Road in Independence. The driver, who was OK, said he took a turn too fast, went into the ditch and struck a tree. His vehicle sustained front end damage and both left tires were deflated and separated from the rims. It was towed from the scene. No impairment of the driver was found and no citations were issued.

During routine patrol a parked vehicle was found in the Pioneer Creek Community Park in Independence after hours. A male and female were located walking towards the vehicle and said they didn’t realize the park was closed and they couldn’t be there. No criminal activity was found.

Aug. 20
A vehicle was stopped for speed near County Road 90 and Highway 12 in Independence. During the traffic stop, the driver was found to be intoxicated. Marijuana and methamphetamine were found inside the vehicle. Juan Bernardo Pardo Bravo, 37, of Plymouth, was arrested, charged with Second Degree DWI Refusal and Fifth Degree Possession and booked into Hennepin County Jail. The passenger was a juvenile runaway. She was arrested and charged with fifth degree drug possession.

An officer responded to a residence in the 4000 block of Perkinsville Road in Independence for a taxi cab no pay. Cab driver stated two females who were intoxicated were in Minneapolis and requested the cab take them to their home. They exited the cab to go inside to get money and did not come back and pay. Police were unable to get a hold of anyone at the residence. The homeowner was out of town, but contact was made with her and she said she’d take care of it.

At 7:08 a.m., a call was received of an unwanted person knocking on a resident’s door and windows in the 5800 block of Main Street in Maple Plain. When police arrived it was learned that the unwanted person and the resident inside the house have a child in common. The unwanted person just wanted to see the child. Both parties agreed they weren’t getting along and to separate.

Police responded to a residence in the 3800 block of Lake Haughey Road in Independence, for a party not feeling well while withdrawing from prescription medications, which he later admitted he was buying off the streets. Care was given to the party until North Ambulance arrived and transported him to the hospital.

A party reported theft of gas from two vehicles parked at a residence in the 8000 block of County Road 6 in Independence. Nothing else was reported missing. An estimated 25-30 gallons of gas were stolen.

Aug. 21
Police, Maple Plain Fire and North Ambulance were sent to a one-vehicle personal injury crash in the 5900 block of Highway 12 in Maple Plain. The driver said he was going to turn off the highway to check his GPS, when his vehicle suddenly swerved left and went into the steep ditch. The vehicle was totaled. The driver suffered a laceration on his head. No citation was issued.

An ATV being sold on consignment was reported stolen in the 8700 block of Highway 12 in Independence. The investigating officer observed a fence had been cut and rolled back and tracks in the area showed that the ATV had been driven from the scene. Case is under investigation.

Aug. 22
Police responded to a person who was upset and out of control, throwing food and threatening people at Vinland Center in Independence. Upon locating the party, it was learned that he was upset about the food, felt there was theft and improper use of funds at the facility. Staff did not want charges pressed, but would not allow the party to stay. Unable to find someone to pick up the party and because he did not have cash for a taxi, he was given a ride to Minneapolis.

A female was observed sitting along the roadway, near Budd Avenue and Industrial Street in Maple Plain. She said she’d gotten a leg cramp so stopped walking to sit and rest. She appeared to be OK and did not want any assistance.

Aug. 23
Police and Maple Plain Fire responded to a residence in the 5500 block of Bryant Street of Maple Plain for a nose bleed that wouldn’t stop. Care was administered to the party until North Ambulance arrived and transported her to the hospital in Waconia.

WHPS received a call of a hit and run that occurred while the vehicle owner was eating inside the restaurant in the 200 block of County Road 92 in Independence. No witnesses came forward, the suspect vehicle is unknown and officers have no leads at this time. Damage was estimated to be under $1,000.

Officers found a car stopped in the driveway of the police department in the 1900 block of County Road 90 in Independence. The driver admitted he had too much to drink and decided to stop here. A strong odor of alcohol was observed. Jacob Steven Jensen, 24 of Delano, was found to have a .14 breath alcohol concentration. He was arrested and charged with Fourth Degree DWI. He and his vehicle were released to relatives.