LTE: Osmek wrong choice for Minnesota governor

To the editor,

I am very concerned that David Osmek is running for governor. He expressed that he was a Trump supporter and that he wasn’t going to be Minnesota Nice. That is not surprising because he isn’t nice to many of us in his district. He has blocked constituents who try to contact him if they don’t agree with everything he says. He takes names. When I contacted him, he told me he didn’t have to listen to me because I supported his opponent. That leads to more polarization in government. I have been a political activist for nearly 50 years and often worked with the opposition on things we could agree on, but Dave Osmek only works with those he agrees with. I even worked with a senator that I ran against in ‘92 after the election because we did agree on some things.

He says he doesn’t believe in being politically correct. That is code for being disrespectful, rude and favoring discrimination against people who are different from you. He supported Voter ID, which was another way to discriminate. The voters voted that down. Add to that his votes against internet freedom and protection, you have a man who does fall in line with the Trump agenda.

As a constituent of his, I see David Osmek as a radical extremist and as a vindictive person who does not have the temperament to be governor of our great state.

Jackie Johnston
Maple Plain